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Carole Goble is a full professor in the the School of Computer Science in the University of Manchester, UK, where she has co-led the Information Management Group since 1997. 

She has worked closely with life scientists for many years and is the Director of the myGrid project, the largest UK e-Science pilot project, which has produced the widely-used Taverna open source software and is now part of the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute UK.  She is also the co-director of the e-Science North West regional centre.

Carole has an international reputation in the Semantic Web, e-Science and Grid communities and has led the application of Semantic Web technologies to both the Grid and e-Science, a fusion dubbed the Semantic Grid.  She has produced the first reference architecture for the Semantic Grid (S-OGSA) through the Ontogrid project and chairs the Open Grid Forum Semantic Grid Group, along with David De Roure.

She is married to Mr. Cottam, and lives with him and two cats called Cyd and Doris - all are all fans of Blackburn Rovers.

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